Resort Cursdorf

Welcome to Cursdorf - pure nature in the Thuringian Forest

Open bookcase at Karl-Marx-Platz

We invite all citizens and guests of our community to get free books here for cozy reading hours.

Take out the books - put books in!

The following rules must be observed:

Anyone can remove books for personal use free of charge, post their own books or return the books they have removed.

This bookcase is not a disposal point for waste paper, outdated specialist literature or the book box from household clearances.

Please only bring books that you find good and that are clean and in good condition.

Make sure that the individual shelves remain clear and that the books are easy to remove.

If everything is full, take your books home with you for now.

Books with pornographic, racist or violent content are prohibited.

The books in the open bookcase should be able to be used by everyone. They are therefore not for sale.

Thank you for following these rules and have fun reading!

Problems with the bookcase?

The contact person is the tourist information office Cursdorf

phone : 036705/62070     or    E-Mail: