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Welcome to Cursdorf - pure nature in the Thuringian Forest

History of the community of Cursdorf

Cursdorf – on the peaks of the Thuringian Forest

Cursdorf was first mentioned in 1465. The place on an old trade route from Erfurt to Nuremberg belonged to the county of Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt. The town's residents were traditionally active in forestry and glass processing, as well as in the olic trade. The oil and medicine trade began to flourish here in the 17th and 18th centuries. This created a certain level of prosperity. The dealers, called buckapothecaries, traveled to many European countries with their satchels. The name “Raanzer” is still a household name for the region around Cursdorf.
After the construction of the gas works in the neighboring town of Oberweißbach and the construction of a gas pipeline, glassblowing in particular developed in Cursdorf from 1905 onwards. This gave Cursdorf its second economic boom. In the second half of the 19th century, the Cursdorf glass apparatus manufacturers were influential in the development of various types of tubes, such as the Geißler or X-ray tube. These tubes, made here in Cursdorf with exceptional craftsmanship, can be admired in the Historical Glass Apparatus Museum.
They are not only shown, but also demonstrated in their function, unique to this extent in Germany.

Cursdorf is approx. 700 m above sea level. NHN the highest place in the region, which is connected to the mountain railway - "Thüringer Bergbahn".
Discover the idyllic beauty of this region here, high above the Schwarzatal and near the Rennsteig.
With its extensive forest areas, Cursdorf is now an attraction for hikers and cyclists.
The Schwarzatal panoramic trail and the Olitätsrundwanderweg run through Cursdorf and other trails such as the planetary hiking trail are waiting to be explored.

Basic data

• Coordinates at the Cursdorf village community center location:
   (Coordinate system WGS 84)  Länge 11° 07‘ 39‘‘
                                                             Breite 50° 34‘ 19‘‘
• Area: 13.95 km²
• Postal code: 98744
• Web presence:
• Mayor: Frank Eilhauer

Cursdorf is a municipality in the Saalfeld-Rudolstadt district in Thuringia (Germany). The community belongs to the administrative community “Schwarzatal”.